Asset tracker TAT100

 Asset tracker easy is a highly anticipated brand new asset tracking solution from Teltonika with a robust, practical and water-resistant (IP68) enclosure, which combined with different mounting accessories provides you an extremely easy installation. Developed on an low power Bluetooth chipset. Unit is perfectly suitable for trailers, valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, elevators, containers and many other non-powered assets.

* Battery life estimates are influenced by many factors such as outdoor temperature, frequency of reporting, installation and orientation of the device, network coverage, additional functionalities (like Bluetooth scanning enabled) and more.

  • BATTERY LIFETIME 1 report per day - up to 3 years *
  • ROBUST Robust, small and easy to install
  • INGRESS PROTECTION Water and dust resistant for outdoor integrations (IP68)
  • OTA UPDATES Convenient OTA (over-the-air) updating through user-friendly applications
  • SCHEDULED RECORDS Synchronized records sending and wake-up scenarios
  • VARIOUS MOUNTING OPTIONS Magnetic mount, strap and additional holder mounting possibilities



Documents for download:


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