GPS tracking device FMB900


FMB900 / FMB920 is very small, which allows for concealed mounting (for protective protection against detection). FMB920 has an additional built-in 170 mAh Li-ion 3.7 V battery.


 Manufactured in Europe by Teltonika (a leader in the implementation of GPS devices) and receives all certificates of safety and compatibility.



 Areas of application: FMB900 / 920 is a GPS tracking device that coordinates, speeds and more data by transferring them via GSM network to your computer, phone or tablet. The device is suitable for tracking all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, cars, buses, boats, etc.). The device is extremely suitable for application in places where it is necessary to locate individual sites, fleet management, car rental, logistics companies, etc.



Bluetooth integrated function: allows wireless connection of hands-free headphones and other Bluetooth sensors, such as humidity, temperature sensors, etc ..


Advanced anti-theft system: Pre-confirm the theft of the vehicle with advanced anti-theft functionality. Combine the automatic geozone with new signaling functionality when downloading MPCs.


Intelligent crash alarm system: Ensure the safety of your employee with an intelligent crash alarm system. Receive an alarm message soon after the abuse, which allows to save the lives of your employees!


Very small device size: Allows easy installation, in hard to reach places! Pre-perform improper shutdown of the device using cables that cannot be disconnected from the device. Dimensions - 79x43x12 mm.


Certified housing IP54: FMB900 / FMB920 have a new design that provides greater protection against dust and splashes from any direction. It is certified to protection class IP54. FMB900 / FMB920 has an IP54 housing, which allows them to be installed in machines with increased possibility of penetration of dust and water. 








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