Fuel control

One of the main tasks of each vehicle tracking software is the possibility to determine with great accuracy the abuse with fuel on behalf of drivers.

In this regard there are several methods to track the quantity of fuel in the tank and its consumption.
Over the recent years it has been extremely complicated to track fuel consumption for light and light-duty vehicles, due to the reason that the signal for fuel availability in the tank is now in digital form. This method for data transfer is called CAN BUS. It is used in light, light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Skywatch offers tracking of fuel on the digital CAN BUS network of the vehicle, with the accuracy of this method being very high. It is performed through an additional device which is installed in the vehicle and transmits data to the GPS tracking device every second. This guarantees that no fuel theft will be unnoticed. This device is suitable for installation in trucks, minibuses and light vehicles, which have a CAN BUS network, which are usually produced after 2002-2003.


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