About Skywatch...

Skywatch is a software platform, which allows users to follow the behaviour of any type of objects in real time, as well as for a previous period.

The data, collected by the GPS tracking device, are sent via GPRS connection to our server, with the clients receiving visual information on any computer with internet access.

It is not required to install additional software on the client’s computer, you only need the password that you have received from Skywatch tracking center.

Skywatch consists of two main components - hardware and software.

The hardware is the tracking devices, which are installed in vehicles and, along with additional sensors, have the task to collect and transmit information on the state and behavour of objects to our server.

The software is the platform, on which all the collected data is displayed.
Its task is to systemize, process and visualize all events and references, required to track the behaviour of the object, the violations and infringements, the passed routes and much more useful information.



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