Can I track people or pets? 

Of course. In addition to the range of car devices we also offer personal tracking devices for children, adults and animals. It is also possible to track some mobile phone models. You can contact us for more information.

Can we use the system from multiple computers simultaneously? 

Yes, of course. There is no limit in the number of computers from which you can simultaneously  monitor your car fleet.

Will I be able to know what happens with the vehicle in indoor garage or underground parking? 

In this case you will receive the final location of the vehicle before entering indoor, and if there is GSM connection  available it will continue sending all data. In the absence of GSM connection the device will store all data in its internal memory and will send it with the appearance of GSM coverage.

Do I need to install additional software on the computer in order to use the system? 

No, this is not necessary. You need only a computer with internet connection and password to access Skywatch.

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