Advantages and benefits

Research shows that after adoption of Skywatch, the vehicle fleet maintenance expenses decrease by 25% on average.
This is due to several reasons:


 Direct benefits:

  • Intensifying working hours
  • Prevention of fuel abuse
  • Termination of the vicious practice of using company vehicles for private aims
  • Reduced expenses for vehicle repairs, due to the increased control on the driving methods (rapid accelerations, sudden stops, sharp turns)
  • More precise observation of the delivery or visit schedule for sites
  • Optimization of the transport routes
  • Reduction of the travel time between the company sites
  • Reduction of the reaction time in emergency or extreme situations  

Indirect benefits:

  • Increase of client satisfaction as a result of timely delivery of orders
  • The increased efficiency of the work process leads to the possibility of implementation of a larger number of tasks by keeping the current staff

Main benefits of Skywatch:

  • Great possibilities for personal settings by customer preference
  • Possibility for redesign of the software by customer request
  • Devices for GPS tracking, produces in Europe, which have certificates for compliance and homologation according to the safety and energy efficiency requirements
  • Complete solution of the problem with using vehicles in roaming, which allows rat decrease of the expenses and saves up on funds for you
  • Possibility to track the fuel level, total fuel used, mileage, RPMs, coolant temperature and other data in real time and on archive reference in most new models of light, light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, working on CAN BUS system



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